DegreeWorks Project Overview

Initiator: The DegreeWorks project at Appalachian was initiated by the Student Government Association, which passed a resolution (SGA Bill 043-003) calling for a degree audit system in Fall 2009. Immediately following that action, the (formerly) Enrollment Management Council and Dean’s Council approved the software and full service implementation purchase.

Executive Sponsor: Dr. Tim Burwell, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Description: To implement a degree audit system at Appalachian State University. The degree audit system will function as a student planning, advising, degree audit, and reporting tool. It should achieve the following objectives/benefits:

  • decrease time-to-degree
  • produce transparent and more efficient certification of degree
  • provide a paperless advising and degree audit process
  • create the ability to anticipate course demands


DegreeWorks Team Members

Executive Sponsor

Dr. Tim Burwell, Vice Provost for Resource Management, Academic Affairs

Implementation Teams

There are two implementation teams which have been focused upon this project since April 2010 – the Core Implementation Team and the Oversight Implementation Team. The Core Implementation Team primarily served to jump-start the project and authenticate the 2009-2010 catalog for scribing. The Oversight Implementation Team serves in an advisory capacity regarding testing, implementation, communication, and training for faculty, staff, and students.

Oversight Team

  • Nikki Crees
  • Susan Davies
  • Mary Englebert
  • Crystal Greer
  • Jason Grubb
  • Holly Hirst
  • Elin Hoffman
  • Jay Jackson
  • Heather Langdon
  • Kern Maass
  • Paulette Marty
  • Mike Mayfield
  • Angela Mead
  • Heather Hulburt Norris
  • Tina Parlier
  • Misti Reese
  • Jane Rex
  • Susan Roggenkamp
  • Kathy Smith
  • Neva Specht
  • Robin Waters
  • Lynne Waugh
  • Jeni Wyatt
  • David Wiley

Core Team

  • Patty Dale
  • Denise Goetz
  • April Graham
  • Crystal Greer
  • Kathy Henson
  • Kristin Hyle
  • Marc McCachren
  • Tena Gulliver
  • Beth Pouder
  • Misti Reese
  • Kathy Smith


Experts in their college for accuracy of information in DegreeWorks. Power-users are the “go-to” in their college for questions and corrections needed in DegreeWorks.

  • Arts & Sciences – Jeni Wyatt
  • Business – Kathy Smith
  • Health Sciences – Tina Parlier and Susan Roggenkamp
  • Music – Jay Jackson and Janet Seatz
  • Fine & Applied – Mark Miller
  • Education – Mel Faulk
  • Graduate School – Anna Basnight and Charity Chicoine
  • University College – Denise Goetz and Kristin Hyle
  • Honors College - Angela Mead


Responsible for transferring Appalachian’s unique academic policies and curriculum into the programming language of the software. All are from the Registrar’s Office.

Technical Experts

Ensure data download from Banner to DegreeWorks is accurate. Manage the web interface and serve as liaison with other ITS staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Beth Pouder, ITS
  • Patty Dale, Registrar’s Office
  • Jonathan Morefield, ITS
  • Tena Gulliver, Registrar’s Office




OctoberStudent Government Association passed a resolution (SGA Bill 043-003) calling for a degree audit system
DecemberSoftware and full service implementation purchased
JanuaryPlanning begins with SunGard, Registrar’s Office and ITS
AprilImplementation Teams named, begin work
May2009-2010 catalog authentication work begins by Core Implementation Team
NovemberSubmit authenticated 2009-2010 catalog to SunGard for scribing
DecDean’s Council and AP&P approve new academic policy to ensure smooth transition for DegreeWorks
JanuaryProject Kick-Off with SunGard Functional Consultant
FebruaryTraining/Testing Session I with SunGard Functional Consultant
AprilTraining/Testing Session II with SunGard Functional Consultant
JuneTraining/Testing Session III with SunGard Functional Consultant
Complete scribing of 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 catalog
Training for Power-Users, Professional Advisors and Dean's Offices
AugustBegin Implementation Phases
SeptemberTraining for Professional Advisors
OctoberStudent Focus Groups
DecemberTraining for Department Chairs and Program Coordinators
May / Sept.Training for Faculty Advisors
OctoberRoll-Out to New and Continuing Students
 Reporting of class seat demands from Curriculum Planning Tool