Undergraduate Students

What Is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is the University's web-based degree audit tool that will function as a student planning, advising and degree audit system, which is accessed through AppalNet.  Degreeworks assists students and advisors with monitoring their academic progress. This system provides constant organizational support for degree completion. Degreeworks helps all Mountaineers "Finish in Four!"


How it works

DegreeWorks pulls all of its information from the Banner system such as a student’s major, minor, and final grades. DegreeWorks constantly updates students’ class records and evaluates their progress towards graduation. DegreeWorks monitors students’ degree progression by recording the classes they’ve taken and shows what courses need to be taken in order to complete their respective program of study. This online system allows students to see how coursework is currently being applied towards general education, major, and minor requirements.

To easier analyze class records, DegreeWorks separates information into “blocks.” For instance, there are “blocks” for your major, general education perspectives, classes in progress, and other subcategories dependent upon your major. Within each block, students and advisors will see check boxes beside each requirement. Requirements with checks have been satisfied; requirements without a check require additional work. 


What Can DegreeWorks Do For Me?

DegreeWorks allows you to see your degree program and how coursework is currently being applied toward your progress for graduation. DegreeWorks also allows you to run "what if" scenarios to see how changing your current academic program (adding/deleting/changing majors, minors, etc) will affect degree progress. Other tools include an educational planner, GPA calculators, and much more.


Benefits for Students:

  • Real-time information
  • Interactive “what if” scenario planning
  • More transparent course and credit transfer
  • Faster time to graduation - Finish in Four


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