Transfer Students / Freshmen with Transfer Credit

Welcome to Degree Works! Not only can you review your credit evaluation but you can see how your transfer credit can be applied towards your degree. We call this the “degree audit.”

How do I access my credit evaluation?

  1. Login to your Degree Works audit worksheet  by using your Appalachian username and password.
  2. Access your credit evaluation by clicking on “Class History” on the upper right section of your degree audit worksheet.
  3. Carefully review your evaluation and click on “Understanding My Credit Evaluation.” This resource will help you better understand the terminology and types of credit that was awarded.

What’s Next? How does my transfer credit apply towards my degree requirements?

  1. After you have reviewed your credit evaluation on the “Class History” link, close the Class History window.  This will take you back to the first page of your degree audit.
  2. The tutorial below can help you better understand your degree audit:
    1. Audit Worksheet Tutorial Step by Step (PDF)
  3. Still have questions? Access Frequently Asked Questions for Main Campus students or Frequently Asked Questions for App State Online students

When you meet with your advisor at Orientation, he/she can help you make adjustments to your degree audit based on your specific needs and academic interest.